Welcome House July 2017

During the last couple of weeks I've found three items I'd given up on ever seeing again! I was so pleased; none of them of particular value, but they all evoked special memories for me. My son-in-law keeps telling me everything comes in threes, good and bad.

I started wondering where this came from. Google will know! Wikipedia talks about 'the rule of three'. Certainly I can think of several pastors talking about three point sermons.

Then there's the nursery rhymes - Three Little Piggies, Thee Billy Goats Gruff and what about The Three Musketeers?

The Anglican Church just celebrated Trinity Sunday; what's that all about?

In Christian circles you'll hear the Trinity mentioned. It is one of the hardest subjects for folk to get their heads around.
You've got God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit - three in one.

How can that be? Three and yet, only one.

The best analogy I've heard was from a child describing the Trinity being like an egg which has three parts; a shell, the white and the yolk. You can use the white and yolk separately, but without the shell they fall apart. They each have a specific part to play.

Similarly because the Father is pure and abhors sin, He gave us God the Son who took on the sins of the world, past, present and future, making a pathway for us to the Father who sent Him. God has such a great love for us He wants no one to perish.

When God looks at us He sees Jesus. His obedience to the father renders him blameless.

The Holy Spirit
God sent as a comforter who nudges and prompts us, our conscience, to help with our prayers when we're lost for words; a mediator between us and God.

So we have three persons in one with the Father holding them all together.

This certainly gives a different viewpoint on why things come in threes.

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