Welcome House June 2017

Sheep and Shepherds in Spain; we are quite used to seeing the shepherd herding his flock around the countryside. They never seem to have much meat on them, but when you see what they eat is it surprising.

This subject keeps popping up and whilst in Wales there was much talk about sheep and shepherds; well, it was lambing season! At my Mum's church there was more talk of how we view this subject.

Many churches consider the pastor or priest to be their shepherd and they themselves are his flock, but it was felt that in fact we are all shepherds and we are also all sheep.

It's our responsibility as Christians to shepherd all those who are in need, whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually.

Read that again! How does that make you feel?

I have to confess at first I felt totally inadequate, then I remembered that God promises to fully equip us for every task He has for us to undertake. We're all equal in His eyes and all responsible.

What about the sheep? How often have you heard someone say they're just like a load of sheep? Sheep are renowned for following each other; not really knowing where they're going.

There's an old song: http://library.timelesstruths.org/music/The_Ninety_and_Nine/
'There were ninety and nine that safely lay.......but one was lost'.

That lost sheep was truly blessed because the shepherd wasn't satisfied until he had found him, then there would be a time of great celebration and happiness. That's just how it is with the Lord Jesus, our Shepherd. He won't be happy until He has found His lost sheep, who will be truly blessed and will in turn want to pass that blessing on to others.

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