Welcome House Aril 2017

Fellowship - companionship, friendliness, participation, sharing; community of interest - all definitions in my Oxford dictionary.

Welcome House poster AprHow do we view this word, Christians talk about? Today it came home to me how important it is and not just for Christians.

We can all go our own way and think "Yes, I understand. I don't need any one to explain that to me", but in some cases it makes for a very lonely person wondering if anyone really cares.

I have a friend away at present, going through a difficult time. I sent them a link to view. They emailed me back. They had enjoyed the video, but found it difficult reflecting on the questions on their own. Normally we would have shared it together at our fellowship gathering.

For me anyway, it's about having a personal relationship with another being, upholding them, knowing that you can rely on them totally as they can rely on you; enjoying each other's friendship and support and sharing.

The most important personal relationship we can have is with Jesus. With Him we can share everything; the sorrows and pain no-one but Jesus would understand; the songbirds, ever changing seasons, colours of trees and flowers; appreciation of things that seem so simple, yet when you look more closely are so intricate.

Look closely at the blossom around at the moment. See the detail, smell the fragrance and praise Jesus the one who created it.

You can talk to Him anytime, anywhere about anything. He will not only have time for you, but will be delighted that you are talking with Him. Don't forget though it's not one-sided. Real communication is between two beings listening and sounding off each other.

Are you a Christian?
Only if you have a personal relationship with Jesus.

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