W.A.R.M. - Walkers Around the Region of Murcia July 2017

Even though WARM haven't been walking, I thought I would tell you what else has been going on.

warm PaellaFirstly, I've just finished the annual deleting of all names from the old season's circulation list and have the new list for those who wish to walk during the season of 2017/2018. I add names to the list throughout the year, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you fancy joining us on some of our outings.

warm CoffeeSecondly, this year has felt very special – it's been my first year of doing the co-ordination of WARM and I really have been very grateful to all the 'volunteers' who had their arms twisted to lead a walk. They've been incredibly supportive and I'm not the only one who has been grateful for all their efforts. Not very long ago Jose Antonio sent me an article from a Spanish walking magazine about the necessity of insurance cover for outdoor activities and the possible liability for the cost of rescue (hopefully never needed but ...). I've been in touch with a range of appropriate professionals, trying to find the cheapest way of ensuring that we're all protected. The need for protection applies particularly to the walk leaders because without their kind collaboration our group couldn't possibly function. I've had a unanimous response in favour of going ahead with the plan to form a legally recognised entity that can get more affordable insurance. Hopefully by next month's issue we will be well on the way to completing the process.

warm RelaxSummer is a fantastic opportunity to do the recces for walks, so long as you get up early enough to avoid the worst heat of the day and protect yourself properly. My husband's grandfather died of sunstroke, so we always pay respect to the power of the sun. This morning for example, we got up at 4.30am (actually it wasn't, but my mobile was still on English time!) in order to explore a walk in the Sierra de la Pila. I should have known better than to wear shorts – clambering through thistles and other spiny undergrowth soon reminded me why trousers are always best for a recce! We were only out for 3 hours, but were pretty shattered by the end and very grateful for a rest, a drink and some salty tapas.

As you can see, despite being 'closed' season, the work continues. Meanwhile, I've included some photos from this season's outings that I hope will whet the appetite for future experiences and to put you all in the mood for a summer of 'eat, drink and relax'.
For those on the mailing list, more photos can be seen on the WARM Facebook page.

Full details of future outings will be sent automatically to those who are already on the WARM mailing list, normally a fortnight ahead. As always, if there is anyone who would like their email address to be added to the list then please contact me (Jessica) on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.