TV News June 2017

Writing this in mid-May, our Spanish weather does not yet seem to have reached the stable sunny southern Spain summer that is usually with us now. We seem to have had hot sunny short periods that revert to the chilly spring times.

We even had a fire alight the other night having not had one for several weeks. I think there are just 6 logs left on the woodpile! Hopefully it will soon be the consistent hot days that will warm up the pool for use.

All the Rainbow animals are well, including the latest foster dog Serena who is still looking for her forever home. If you do not want the permanent responsibility of owning a dog, why not consider fostering? It is very rewarding to see them go to a permanent home, even when you get quite attached, but then when you are ready, another one is always waiting to leave the pound and start a journey to a permanent home. Ask us if you want any further details.


We are getting into the lower satellite summer signal levels that happen every year and many TV viewers with smaller dishes will be experiencing some channel loss or picture break up. With a satellite system in good order and 100% correctly aligned, the only answer is a bigger dish (or move north!). We at Rainbow Satellites believe the satellite system in southern Spain has a limited life – could be up to 10 years, but could be less and for that reason we do not recommend installing/upgrading a dish-based system. The huge dishes require a substantial investment that does have a limited life. If it was a 50€ risk of getting maybe up to 10 years service then the risk is worth it, but for the 1.80m dish now needed in the southern areas, the investment can approach 1,000€ possibly for just a few years use.

The way to watch TV now and in the future is via the Internet, but that has its own set of problems. Firstly, Internet TV is a technology in its infancy and as we all know, new technologies will have their teething problems. Many of you will remember the first days of SKY TV via satellite! Hardly a day went by without some sort of problem and limited viewing. IPTV (TV viewing via the Internet) is in its early days. One of the big problems is not the TV service itself, but the ability of the Internet to transmit the signals. TV viewing is a whole new 'game' for the Internet and its providers. Most demands on the Internet have only required occasional intermittent connections, with short waits not being an issue and even when longer connections were needed, generally there was the ability to 'patch' things together so that when viewed it looked like a continuous 'stream'. Live TV viewing requires continuous uninterrupted consistent Internet connection (or there will be buffering and loops) and this demand is new to the Internet providers, although as with all technologies, things are rapidly improving and demand will always solve a problem. However, even if the Internet provision was perfect, the technology of 'pumping' live TV into the system is also new and will require refining, adapting and the engineers coming up with new solutions.

Internet TV is here and here to stay, but is not, as yet, perfect.
There are all sorts of stories around about how bad (and good) Internet TV is, but if you get it right with a good Internet provider and TV service provider, you will find viewing as good as if by satellite or conventional TV antenna – but you must get all the ingredients right and not cut corners or use untested and generally cheaper end providers.

If you want good viewable Internet TV then you must make an investment and use knowledgeable suppliers. Ask us for information.

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