“Mazarrón, déjate querer”

"Mazarrón, déjate querer" is the latest work of La Rondalla de Mazarrón comprising 14 tracks which include several dedicated to the municipality and its coast, including "Bolero a Mazarrón", "Murcia, Costa Cálida" and "Himno a Mazarrón". There are 1,000 copies of the album which can be purchased at various shops and establishments in the municipality at the price of 8€.

The album was presented in Mazarrón in the presence of the Mayor, Ginés Campillo, who praised the Rondalla "Conveying to citizens the love for music, as well as keeping alive many songs with which we identify, not only as individuals, but also as people". Those attending the Day Centre enjoyed these live tracks, as well as others in the group's repertoire. Citizens came to the centre in Puerto de Mazarrón where another presentation took place in the presence of the director-general of elderly people of the Murciano Institute of Social Action (IMAS). Enrique Pérez Abellán was also delighted with the music of the Rondalla of Mazarrón. He commented that "I am left wanting to be in Mazarrón. I came several times during the last few weeks and it is a pleasure to see the large number of activities that take place here".

Also present were the Councillors of culture, tourism and education, Maria Celeste Soria, and Social policy, equality and health, Maria Martinez. Both agreed to emphasize the quality of the new work of the Rondalla with their live performances "They are already part of the cultural and social life of our town".