Los Reyos Magos

REYES-MAGOS-25LOS REYOS MAGOS spread joy among the young. There was a parade of 6 floats with people in various costumes. This marked the end of the holidays with the arrival of the Magi to the homes of the citizens of Mazarrón. The youngest of the municipality enjoyed gifts and toys that the REYES MAGOS brought them during the afternoon and on Friday night.

The children enjoyed the ride which was conducted through the streets of Mazarrón and the Port.

REYES-MAGOS-98The parade was opened by the band of trumpets and drums "Virgen de las Penas" which followed the well-known Bob Esponja accompanied by his companions, friends of the popular cartoon series. In the first carriage were the three Magi, who looked remarkably similar to the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, and Councillors Isidro Coy and Juan Miguel Muñoz. After them came Triúnfante the float of Leiva, first prize winner of the floats, representing the castle of Los Vélez. Other floats included the one from Cañada de Gallego which was a chariot of the Smurfs.

The parade ended with the three kings distributing gifts to children in the Plaza de Abastos of Puerto de Mazarrón and the residents of the retirement home "La Purisima".