Sector D Community Group May 2017

We have finally completed the new collection point shelter and the 'Bucketeers' have been using it since 3rd March.

The team have continued to work on extending the Jubilee Garden and we have extended it rearward to make it more of an oblong shape. This entailed clearing a great deal of builders' rubble and weeds. We then planted 6 new broad-leaved Mimosa, about 10 new Yucca plants plus 3 donated trees (not quite certain what species they are!). We also created three distinct areas; one with a fully grown Yucca surrounded by two tons of grey gravel and edged with a wood border; the second has what has been nicknamed 'Wood Henge' which is a circle of upright sleepers interspersed with Yucca plants and a large Mimosa tree in the centre, also surrounded by two tons of brownish gravel; the third stage is bordered by the new Mimosa trees and the three donated trees are distributed within the main area. We will soon be planting a few large succulents within this area.

The team moved the unused water bowser from the old collection point, to the rear of the Jubilee Garden and we will be adding some irrigation pipes to ensure that the gardens are watered throughout the hot months.

Whilst we have no new projects planned, we will be spending quite some time weeding and watering the various garden sites around Sector D to ensure that the plants and flowers all survive the hot weather and look spectacular when they are in bloom. If you see the teams out and about in your area, feel free to join in or just pop out for a chat.
The group's search for more volunteers continues. We have put a poster on our Facebook page explaining the various things that anyone interested can get involved in. It's definitely not all manual labour, which I think is a common misconception which deters some people. We are also looking to recruit new group members. Unlike some other groups, membership is absolutely free of charge.

Check out the group website for more information and link to our Facebook page by clicking the Facebook link at the foot of the webpage. The group is open to all residents of Camposol D and anyone who owns a property or is a long-term renter on Sector D.