Open Door July 2017

Stuck behind a Combine Harvester recently reminded me of an incident when I was driving a Combine. Concentrating on adjusting the table looking out for rocks or other hazards, I was aware of the standing crop suddenly shifting in front of me and seconds later a rabbit shot out straight into the Combine.

open door whats onThere was no time to react and the rabbit only caused a moment's hesitation as the Combine drum mulched it into the grain tank. Okay it happens from time to time and to farmers rabbits are not pets: not sure about the grain being entirely vegetarian after that, but we will gloss over that for the moment.

This all happened very rapidly and seconds later it was clear why the rabbit had been running, as the farm dog, which was a pet, bounded straight towards the Combine blinded by the crop and the chase. Realising what was about to happen I shut the Combine down but these machines don't stop quickly and there was no way to warn the dog of the danger. As the dog lifted his head and saw the combine table right in front of him he somehow managed to throw in a side-step and launched himself over the table spear point missing it by next to nothing.

Goodness I would not have been popular if I had added the dog to the rabbit mulch and I think that was the start of my hair greying.

The point that struck me was how on the edge our lives can be, especially in the light of recent atrocities and tragedies.

"Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes." James 4 v 14...Think about that...

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