Olive Branch Christian Fellowship June 2017

"A Fountain of Love"
This is what real love is - it is God's love for us in sending His Son to be the way to take away our sins (1 John chapter 4 verse 10)

Have you had enough of human love?
Enough of tabloids telling you that true love is just a diet away?
Enough of expectations of bosses and parents; even Pastors?
Do you need a fountain of love that will not run dry?
Do you know where to find this?

On a hill outside of Jerusalem's walls where Jesus was crucified, hung on a tree, nailed to a cross with a crown of thorns on His head. Both of His eyes were beaten up, skin raw, fists of hair yanked from His beard.

As you look into the crimsoned face of heaven's only Son; remember this.

"God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners (Romans chapter 5 verse 8") - that is perfect love.

I would like to mention that the Pastors of the Olive Branch Christian Fellowship are taking a group on a pilgrimage on October 12th to 20th this year. If anyone is interested ring us for more information.
Pastor Ralph Locke 968 199 622 or mobile 618 720 181

We meet every Sunday at the Cultural Centre, Camposol B at 10.30am. Come and join us. You will be assured of a warm welcome. We serve communion each week.

We are registered with the Free Methodist Organisation and have charity status.