Olive Branch Christian Fellowship April 2017

Let me pose a question to you. Do you ever worry about anything?
Most of us at some part of our lives do worry and have you thought "Why did I worry? I wasted tears, energy and time", when most things we worry about never happen.

In the Bible in the Book of Romans chapter 8 verse 32, it says "God did not keep back His Own Son, but He gave Him for us".

If God did this, won't He freely give us anything else?

Take all your worries and anxieties to the cross literally.
Next time you worry about your health, finances, family or any situation, take them to the foot of the cross.

These are the things that Jesus did for us with love:
Blood He bled for you.
The spear He took for you.
The nails He felt for you.

He did all this for you, so knowing that He did all this for you and for me on the cross, don't you think He will look out for you here on earth?
We wish you all a very happy Easter.

Why not join us we meet each Sunday morning at the Cultural Centre on Camposol B at 10.30am? We are registered with the Free Methodist Church and have charity status.

Any information you require, please ring Pastor Ralph and Margaret Locke on 968 199 622 or mobile 618 720 181

God bless you