Noah's ARC May 2017

Oh no, I think I've killed Ivan!

July 2016, new 'boy' Ivan's second week on the van. It's hot. No, I mean really hot; two litres of water with no loo break kind of hot.

noahs arc IMG 0910First job - deliver two cupboards that cunningly conceal deceivingly heavy metal framed beds that fold out once the door is opened.
We arrive and I look doubtfully at the narrow staircase and eight foot high balustrade.
"I don't think we can do it," I say.
There are times when enthusiasm and a desire to help overcomes common sense.
"We can lift it over the balustrade," suggests Ivan. "We can give it a go if you're sure ..."
"I'll help" says the customer.
Blanket in place, I tell Ivan to guide it over the parapet while I lift. No amount of heaving works; the top of the cupboard keeps catching. "Sorry, you'll have to lift while I guide." We swap and Ivan manfully steps up to the plate, takes the bull by the horns and takes up the strain, literally.
Beads of sweat break out on his brow as we lift the first over, Ivan sits down breathing heavily.
"I'll be alright in a minute ...."
After the second cupboard, Ivan collapses into a chair.
"You ok?"
"I'll be alright, I just can't see anything; everything's white," he mutters.
"I had a heart attack last October," says the customer, helpfully.....
(Part 2 next month: Stop trying to kill Ivan!)

Good News
In March we rescued 12 dogs and homed 13; 6 to Finland, 2 to Germany, 1 to Austria, 1 to Holland and 3 in Spain (phew!).

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