Mazarron Animal Medi-Aid. (MAMA's) May 2017

Have you rescued a dog or cat?

This is a lovely kind gesture and helps the poor abandoned populace of cats and dogs. On the strength of your gesture we are here to help you, either with an unexpected vet bill or to have your new pet sterilized, which we always advocate.

Just pop along to Paco or Huellos vets who are the two practices we deal with and tell them what is required. They will give you a quote for treatment. If it's sterilizing, you need to know the weight if it is a dog. Bring the quote along to the MAMMAs shop and leave it with us. Your request will be dealt with along with our other requests for assistance.

Minky a gorgeous Siamese lookalikey!

mamas MinkyThis gorgeous little girl was given a new home on the back of an awful tragedy. Her predecessor was attacked and killed by a loose dog. This makes her that bit special and she has big cat boots to fill! We will be helping with her spaying. Good luck with your new people...hope you like singing!!

We always need your Donations - no matter how small; bric-a-brac, small electrical items, nice clean summer clothes or large household electrics and furniture. We also do house clearances. If you need us to collect the larger items please let us know by email or call 666 186 037.  You can drop anything else unwanted to the shop or to Richard who is on Camposol B lower car park on Tuesdays 10am-12pm.

Our store is in Puerto de Mazarrón. Go past the Mercadona/Lidl shopping centre towards the port. Just down the hill you will see Consum supermarket. Turn left immediately between Consum and the O'clock Bar. Drive up that road, Calle San Juan 3rd on the left.

I can't finish without the usual plea for volunteers! There never seems to be enough of us. The store is very large and needs a lot of organizing and donations have to be sorted.  We are a friendly group and like nothing better than a cuppa and a gab (after we've sorted stuff!) Come in and see for yourself.

Please contact us if you need help
Tel 666 186 037 or call at the store
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.