Mass in English August 2017

The Life of Saint Padre Pio
Andre Mandato spoke about the time he went to confession to Padre Pio.

mass in english St Pio Pietrelcina"I had been going to church every Sunday, but I had no strong belief in confession. I went very seldom. I started to believe in confession only after I went to Padre Pio. The first time I confessed to him, he told me what sins I had committed."

Katharina Tangeri described going to confession to Padre Pio.

"Padre Pio began with his asking us how long it had been since our last confession. This first question established contact between Padre Pio and the penitent; it suddenly seemed as if Padre Pio knew everything about us. If our [the penitent's] answers were unclear or inexact, he would correct them. We would get the feeling that... his eye could see our soul as it really was before God."

Padre Pio commented on the amount of confessions he heard and how he was able to do it.

"There have been periods when I heard confessions without interruption for eighteen hours consecutively. I don't have a moment to myself, but God helps me effectively in my ministry. I feel the strength to renounce everything, so long as souls return to Jesus and love Jesus."

John McCaffery went to confession with Padre Pio and he writes of his extraordinary experience. McCaffery wanted Padre Pio to pray for some of his friends. McCaffery recalls.

"So, during a pause, I began to say 'And then, Padre...', but he interrupted me smilingly and said, "Yes, I shall remember your friends too!"