Radio Control Mar Menor Sailing Group September 2017

It's been a quiet two months for the RC Sailing Group with many members spending time away from home avoiding the heat.

rc sailing 2017 08 14 12.43.11Our regular Wednesday meetings recommence on September 6th with casual sailing giving members the opportunity to share information and advice on setting up their boats. Competition for the Autumn trophy begins in earnest the following week and continues until the end of October.

September 16th will see three of our members competing for the 4th Trofeo Asociation de Vela R/C, a two day event to be held at the Marina Real Juan Carlos 1st in Valencia. We wish Mike, Terry and Stuart all the best as, once again, they take on some of the top Spanish skippers.

Over the weekend of November 4th/5th, the RC Sailing Group will be hosting the first Trofeo de Murcia. As the only registered Radio Controlled Yacht Group in the Region we will have the opportunity to welcome competitors from other Spanish clubs.

Last month we looked briefly at the method of control available to the model yacht skipper. This month we consider the answer to another frequently asked question "How do they achieve stability when the wind increases!"

rc sailing 2017 08 08 22.37.37The effect of the wind on the sails is balanced by a fin (or foil) with a streamlined weight on the end. On our International One Metre (IOM) yachts the fin is normally made of carbon fibre and its size and the maximum weight of the attached ballast are both governed by the class rules. While it isn't possible to 'reef' our small sails to cope with increasing wind speed, the class rules allow for three rigs and suits of sails. Most hull designs can carry the full sail area (A) rig up to 7 or eight knots wind speed and the reduced second (B) rig up to around 14 knots. rc sailing 2017 08 14 12.43.11At 20 knots however, even with the smallest C rig, our models are 'on the limit' and the wise skipper may well call it a day to avoid damage. As an example, in the group photograph while others are sailing with full A rig, No 80's skipper has selected B rig in anticipation of increasing wind speed.

There are a large number of radio controlled yacht kits around in today's market and if your interest is solely in building, sailing and enjoying a semi-scaled model then you are spoilt for choice. If however you have an interest in competition at any level then you should ideally choose a design which is raced at your local club. In either case why not come along and talk to us? We can usually arrange for the loan of a boat for anyone seriously wishing to try out the hobby.
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