FAST2016 August 2017

Great news for all those on, or visiting Camposol!
We have 7 new Responders going through their training during August. We then have to wait for their authorisation from the Murcian Health Authority.

That may take some time! With these new Responders we will be able to cover more days and nights. We are short of Responders at the moment, so we cannot provide the service that we would like. At some time we aim to resume 24/7 cover.

We have issued a Media Statement
It states that the CST/FAST accounts will be open for viewing twice a year. The committee felt that as all the funds are donated by residents and visitors to Camposol they should know where their money is being spent. The statement also goes on to confirm that FAST is now fully insured as an association, for personal liability and exploitation of the association.

Most people on Camposol will know Paddy and John Snell who have been associated with FAST since it was formed. Paddy wrote the articles for the magazines up until a few years ago and John was one of the first FAST Nurses and became Matron soon after. They have had enough enjoyment, so they are returning to the UK and their family. We wish them well for the future.

fast IMG 1990The last organised trip was to Jumilla, Luzon winery. Under the protection of Mandy and Gill we all had a great day. Even the entertainment on the coach was good! We had a raffle and a quiz. The wine tasting went down very well and there was free time for lunch and the shops at Nueva Condomina which was very busy when we arrived.

fast IMG 1991If any local businesses would like a demonstration of what FAST can offer, please contact the secretary on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To ensure FAST/CST operate within the law where first aid, first response and fund raising is concerned, the President is having a series of meetings with the Police. The first meeting was with the deputy Police Chief of the Mazarrón area as we are operating on Camposol which is under his jurisdiction. The President will seek guidance on certain procedures that first Responders could be trained in to make us more efficient.

The fund raising carries on and we recently had a donation from the SOS on Camposol for which we are very grateful. The FAST Nurses continue to be propositioned on the road-side on a Monday morning. We are so very thankful to all those who 'stop to drop' and have a laugh, a wave and a smile. We have information leaflets printed in 5 different languages that we give to passers-by. We are always looking for new recruits. Having multi-lingual Responders helps with the language barriers.

Our Bookstall on the 2nd and last Friday each month is held outside TJ Electricals (Euronics) on Camposol B which is a meeting point for many people not only buying books, but also tickets for coach trips. You will always get to speak to Responders there if you would like more information regarding FAST/CST. We would like to thank Geraldine and Bryan for all their hard work on the Bookstall.