Cavalli Foundation June 2017

This month we're thrilled to report that Skippy has made an amazing recovery and is as fit as a fiddle, getting into all sorts of kitten mischief.

cavalli Mocca and SkippyWe are now studying designs for a special harness with wheels that will support Skippy's abdomen and keep her from dragging her hindquarters along the ground. We would like to give a big Thank You to all the Cavalli friends and followers who have generously made donations to help Skippy on her way back to health.

cavalli Cowboy School of ValuesOur Cowboy School of Values is giving wonderful results. The children that form this integrated group are thoroughly enjoying their learning activities which lead them to develop respect for nature and animals and to accept their own differences without judgement or criticism. Daniel, a new member, loves his time with us and all the animals. Mollie is his favourite horse and Alma his favourite dog. Daniel had to undergo brain surgery to extract an aggressive cancerous tumour which extended under the skull and down his neck invading the nervous system. He was one of the few children who actually came out of his hospital ward alive. After serious consideration of the situation Daniel's parents decided to sell their home and business in Scotland to bring Daniel to live in Spain where he has a better quality of life, education in English and Spanish, horse riding at Cavalli, swimming, football and plenty of sunshine. Daniel and Celia, another Cowboy School kid, were doing an agility exercise with the dogs. Alma doesn't like to be led on the lead and certainly isn't a fan of agility, but Daniel did his agility exercise with Alma perfectly. On asking him how he had managed it, he explained that if you ask a dog to do something with love, then your dog is happy to do it!

cavalli Daniel Dominic and AlmaOur Therapeutic Riding Section is growing daily. Our newest rider, a 4-year-old with Autism, who has never managed to put two words together, left his mum gobsmacked when going home in the car after his very first session he suddenly said "Vamos Mollie!"/ "Walk on Mollie"'.

cavalli Jacqui and SophieCavalli Volunteer, Jacqui, says that her patient handling of little ponies, Daisy and Sophie, is paying off. Sophie will accept and walk with her head collar on and Daisy has actually let Jacqui touch her with the head collar, hoping to walk her over to her new home at the Foundation soon.

Cavalli Foundation doesn't have charity shops or online auctions. The money that supports our animals and pays vets' bills comes from donations and the activities we organise teaching people to love, respect and enjoy animals in a peaceful and natural environment.

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