Camposol Kitty Kitty August 2017

Camposol Feral Cat Control
Camposol Kitty Kitty have TNR'd 200+ cats in 2 years. CKK raise money to spend on controlling the population of cats around our streets and homes. CKK use the TNR method for the reasons below:

ckk feral photoIf we were able to completely eradicate feral cats we would be overrun with rats.ckk astral in cage on c bnov 2016

The 'Vacuum effect' occurs when community cats are trapped and taken out of their territory which leaves a void. This is called trap and kill (TK) and is a misguided way of dealing with the cat overpopulation. They are killed because they are deemed socially unacceptable to humans. This method creates a temporary reduction in the cat population, though it doesn't catch the trap-savvy cats who hide and avoid traps for long periods of time. Unneutered cats will breed as they seek each other out for that purpose and so the cycle continues.

The humane and effective way to deal with the street cats is to trap-neuter-return (TNR), thus preventing breeding in the majority of the population whilst making sure the cats are healthy.

Healthy feral cats keep the vermin in check and do not spread disease to our pet cats.

The success of TNR can be seen in various areas around the urbanization. It is easy to believe the problem is fixed after the surge of initial success with TNR. However, complacency once the population appears to be under control is responsible for the population increase, which is why it is important to maintain the feral colonies after trapping.

If you would like to help, please contact Alison Ferrari on 636 316 132
Collection tins can be found in several local bars, so please give generously.