It's that time of year again!!!

It's time to bare our feet after their being squashed into boots all winter. "Oh dear" I hear you say. Getting ready for the summer means getting rid of dry skin, un-kept nails and chipped polish. All this can be rectified with regular Pedicures, which include other benefits to make you feel lighter on your feet too.

A Pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for the feet and toe nails, that cleans your feet and provides nail care and foot and calf massage. If you're not changing your toe nail polish regularly, you may miss a toenail fungus hiding under your old chipped polish.

beauty tips image1Benefits of having a pedicure

  1. Receiving a regular Pedicure can help to detect early signs of corns, bunions or infections.
  2. Clipping, cutting and cleaning of the toenails prevents them from growing inwards, which can cause infection.
  3. The elimination of dirt and bacteria from your feet will also prevent nail diseases, disorders and foot odours.
  4. Exfoliation, or removal of dead skin cells, prevents the cells from accumulating and causing bunions or corns. The removal of dead skin from your feet, especially your heels, encourages new cell growth which creates smoother and more attractive feet.
  5. The most enjoyable part of the Pedicure is the massage, as this helps promote circulation and helps relieve tension in the calves and the feet.
  6. A good Pedicure can be very relaxing and helps relieve stress which can be therapeutic.

Pedicures are a great way to provide basic care for your feet and vital to our overall health, so come on ladies and gents treat your feet.

Pedicures are available at The Salon, Camposol C
Lux Pedicure 17€ inc parrafin wax 20€
Summer pedi offer - Pedicure & shape & polish on your hands all for 25€

Tel 691 9167 17 for your appointment.