Radio Control Mar Menor Sailing Group July 2017

Members are now competing in the summer series of races for the Julian Hook Cup. Spread over seven weeks with six individual races each week, we are now at week five and are seeing some close competition.

rc sailing 045The final result will be decided on June 21st, after this issue goes to press. Latest results, photos and videos can be found, as always, by clicking the 'News' link on our website

There was drama earlier in the month when one of our boats set off, out of control, to cross the Mar Menor. This was an unusual situation with modern radio control equipment which is generally very reliable. As an additional safety precaution, many sets have a 'fail safe' setting which, in the unlikely event of the receiver losing the transmitter signal, will let out the sails and apply full rudder, putting the boat into a circular pattern to await rescue. Unfortunately this did not happen and our Bosun, Terry, set a new record for long range recovery, stopping the runaway just before it ran aground on a sandbank.
The moral of the story? Check your radio settings!

rc sailing 056aFurther afield the IOM (International One Metre) World Championship took place at Pierrelatte, France between 14th and 20th May. On a man-made lake and with live video feed each day provided by Rodeoprod, the event drew entries from seventy six of the world's best radio controlled yacht sailors. After six days of racing, Spanish national champion Guillermo Beltri took 2nd place behind Zvonko Jelacic of Croatia, the new World Champion. Best placed UK competitor was Rob Walsh of Fleetwood Club in 3rd place. Also well placed was Peter Stollery of Guildford in 5th. Video of all the racing is available at

rc sailing 070Search on their website for IOM to access links to a selection of their programmes on YouTube.
Two of our members competed recently in the 7th Trofeo R/C held at Club de Mar de Almeria. When numbers reach 24 or more it's usual to split the entries into two fleets, meaning around 12 boats on the water at any one time. On this occasion however, there were 21 skippers competing, all racing in one fleet, which made manoeuvring at close quarters, particularly on the start line, challenging to say the least! After a two days of interesting racing and traditional Spanish hospitality in the evening Stuart and Terry finished in 16th and 20th place respectively.