Treatment Tasters - "Keeping Visitors Happy"

As the theme of this month's magazine is about keeping your visitors and guests happy, I thought I would write about the 'taster' treatments that I offer.

alternative therapies 2Tasters are aimed at introducing you to a treatment without committing the time or expense of a full treatment. These may be perfect for you and your visitors! Each taster session will include a short explanation of the treatment, a discussion of any existing medical issues that may be relevant and around 20 minutes of treatment time. If you don't know which taster is best for you, then we can decide when we meet! All in all, you can expect to spend around 45 minutes enjoying this experience.

A Reiki taster will usually concentrate on Chakra points on the head, heart and feet for a balanced session, along with a major Chakra scan. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy so this treatment could help to give you an energy boost for your holiday!

Karuna Ki Reiki is compassionate heart healing energy and a session will focus on the Third Eye Chakra on the forehead. During this session different symbols from this beautiful version of Reiki will be both drawn over the Third Eye and chanted for a deep, relaxing healing experience.

alternative therapiesAn Access Consciousness Bars session is all about releasing 'old' energy patterns that may be limiting you from being the best that you can be. Points on the head are lightly touched during this session which, as they say, can be as relaxing as a massage and can even change your life. How good does that sound!

Message me to book up a taster (or full!) session. During the summer you can find me each Monday morning at the Yoga Shala in Isla Plana, and Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons at The Club House on Camposol. Have a wonderful summer!

Kathy Howarth
Reiki & Karuna Ki Master Teacher
Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner
Tel: +34 627 391 062